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Our mobility to Turkey

2nd transnational meeting in Turkey will be held in September with the participation of two teachers from each partner country. The teachers will be trained on CEFR by the Irish partner; the teachers will create a common assessment test of Spoken competences; the teachers will be trained on how to create,manage and assess pair work activities that can be run asynchronously and interactively. The teachers will work in groups and have a workshop on creating 12 pair work activities in total.

The arrival date is 18th of September 2022

The working dates are 19-24 of September

The departure date is 24 of September

Distances: _ Italy (Trento)/ Turkey (Eskişehir): 1722 kms

_ France(Chenôve)/ Turkey (Eskişehir): 2208 kms

_ Ireland (Dublin)/ Turkey (Eskişehir): 3144 kms

Transport : _ airplane to Istanbul airport

_ coach to Eskişehir

Our programme:

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