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Pair-work phases

Here is the link to our Google Classroom:

Code svvq6gn

Here the project is starting for students with the 1st implementation session. It is pair work activity session and it will last for 3 months. During the 3 months, students will be matched with different foreign pairs from France, Turkey and Italy. The pairs’ speaking level of English will be close. Students will arrange and hold totally four video conferences(online mee3ng)via ZOOM in each month.

More detailed information is given to students.

In the beginning of each month, we will announce the pairs and give the grid with pair’s email addresses. Students must send an email to him/her and

arrange their 1st online meeting using ZOOM.

Each pair will have a mentor teacher.

When they meet online for the 1st time, one of them must start recording the meeting(as

audio please). The meeting must last for at least 15 minutes. Students must introduce themselves and learn about each other.(They can benefit from our suggested questions).Then they can choose one of the tasks withtheir pair and examine what they will do for their next online meetings. At the end of their meeting, they have to arrange their next online one. Once ended, one of them must upload the recording on Google classroom.

For the 2nd and 3rd meeting,when they meet online, they start recording their conversation.

They have to follow the steps stated in the task they have chosen. Their mee3ng must last for

at least 15 minutes. When their chat is over, they arrange their next online meeting. One of them must upload the recording on Google classroom.

For the last meeting, when they again meet online to present their final task or product,

and they both must upload their task product(2 products can be combined)

The same process will occur 3 times, changing partners each time.

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