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Our Erasmus project
Our project has been granted by EU Commission under the project type: KA210 Small Scale Partnership Project for School Education and with the agreement number: 2021-1-FR01-KA210-SCH- 000031278. The project started on 01/02/2022 and will end 30/11/2023.The partnership has been formed by 3 high schools from Turkey,France and Italy and a private language course to support teacher training from Ireland. 20 students from each high school will take active role in implementing the 6-month implementation period of pair and group work activities that will be run interactively and asynchronously. The teachers will be trained on CEFR,will create a common assessment test for Spoken English called CATSE, prepare pair and group work activities that can be run interactively and asynchronously and compose all these in a guideline for foreign language teachers as a training material. 

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