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The common works that all partners must fulfill during the implementation are to

  • set up their teams for the project management,

  • participant selection,

  • monitoring,

  • dissemination;

  • make a careful internal budget for cost effectiveways;

  • have agreement for the participant teachers,students and their parents;

  • prepare Erasmus+ corners at their organisations;

  • complete twinspace tasks for the partner schools;

  • join in logo selection competition;

  • join in the virtual board activities;

  • host the participants(practical arrangements such as invitation letters,local transport,accommodation,preparing meeting program and place,taking photo or video recording etc);

  • organize the students’ online participation if there is such an activity in their hosting;

  • mentor the pairs and/or groups of students during the 3-month pair and group work activity implementations(for the school partners);

  • follow the requirements stated by their NA in each phase of the project;

  • follow the checklist in the timetable;

  • disseminate after each physical mobility through the organisation website,social media,national or local social media groups,etwinning,local or national TV or press etc.;

  • organize national webinars to transfer the experiences and results;

  • complete Europass and certificate of attendance

TURKEY tasks are to;

  • prepare the partnership agreement;

  • prepare a timetable with a checklist;

  • set up the project website and update it every month;

  • create DRIVE and Google Calendar;

  • monitor if the tasks are completed or not;

  • prepare the project introduction video

  • apply for eTwinning with the Turkish partner;

  • prepare a common format for the CATSE reports

  • form the pairs and groups of the students for the implementation on twinspace;

  • assign the mentors;

  • upload the results to Erasmus+Results platform


  • arrange and carry out online warm up activities for the kick off meeting;manage and monitor the Twinspace.


  • prepare an e-brochure for introducing the project;

  • set up a social media group and monitor its being fed;prepare an assessment test

  • assess the project meetings for the students and teachers and share the results of these tests


-prepare pre and post assessment tests to assess the whole project cycle for the teachers and students in cooperation with the coordinator and share the results;

-have an information session on CEFR in detail;

-give workshops and trainings on preparing a common assessment test of Spoken English(CATSE),on how to prepare interactive and asynchronous pair and group work activities.

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You can also reach out to any of the organisations involved in the project: Lycée Professionnel Antoine-Chenôve - France Contact person: Séverine Dumont Conta

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